-Precious Advice-
from my husband, friends, English instructors and English masters

"Don't be afraid making mistakes, when you speak English."

"Confidence is important. Ignore your negative feelings, and just plow ahead."

"Sing your favorite English songs. If you master five of songs, youfll realize your improvement of pronunciation."

"Remember to relax and have fun."

"Read!Read!Read! and then read some more!"

"A good objective for most writers should be 'effective communication' and not 'perfect communication.'
Don't worry about a few mistakes. Communication is your goal!"

"If you'd like to be a better English conversationalist, you should be a good listener first."

"If you come across a word 12 times, you will be able to learn it properly."

"I began to enjoy situations that I didn't understand because they gave me a chance to grow.
They also gave me a chance to laugh at myself."

"No matter what your age, you can go on increasing your vocabulary at a prodigious rate
-providing you recapture the 'powerful urge to learn'."

"Before you tackle the big projects, you need to build a strong base."

"All things are difficult before they are easy."

"Make it happen."